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Check out these tips for selling gold. Unfortunately, gold buyer scams are prevalent and often hard to spot. When selling gold, silver and other items, we always encourage clients to do their homework before visiting a gold buyer.

Being informed and asking the right questions will help ensure a smooth transaction and the most money for your items. Click on the icons below to learn more. 


Is your gold buyer listed with BBB?
Check if your gold buyer is listed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and if any complaints have been made regarding their business practices. Be wary of businesses not listed with the BBB. Some travelling gold buyers for example, are not listed as they frequently change names and locations. All businesses should be listed regardless of whether or not they are accredited. While becoming accredited is not mandatory, it does add an extra level of confidence in that buyer. All of Canada Gold’s locations are listed with the BBB to give clients peace of mind. We are also the first gold buyer in BC to become accredited with the BBB.


Check current gold prices
Avoid buyers who refuse to post prices, especially pawns shops and jewelry stores. They frequently offer unreasonably low prices if they suspect a customer doesn’t know the value of their gold. Even if they do post their prices, double-check to make sure it is the amount you are receiving per gram. We have had many customers report that our competitors pay much less than their posted rates if they suspect the customer has not seen the posted prices. We post the latest gold prices on our website here.


Know your weight
Make sure you know the weight of your items (in grams) before visiting gold buyers. Then you will know if their offer is fair. Don’t have a scale? You can use quarters or loonies as a reference. Quarters weigh 4 grams and loonies weigh 7 grams.


Shop around
We encourage you to shop around for price and are confident that you will return to us to sell your items. We frequently visit our competitors and have yet to find an actual offer that is higher than ours. If you have received a written quote from one of our competitors before you arrive, you will find our payouts higher. If not, we will match the price PLUS 50% of the difference with our 150% best price guarantee.


Read fine print
Always read the fine print. Many sellers advertise their prices only for customers who sell more than $10,000 worth of gold. If you are selling less than this quantity, they may pay you much lower prices.


Avoid price ranges
Be wary of any gold buyer who gives you price ranges but refuses to commit to a specific price. If they tell you they are paying “$8 – $14 per gram”, you will likely be offered a poor price after an unpleasant negotiation.

If you would like more tips for selling gold or have any questions about avoiding gold buyer scams, give us a call on 1-888-682-5832 or visit one of our locations in person to speak to an expert. Education is your best protection!

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Canada Gold paiera pour les articles premium et pour les articles fondus sur la base des prix d'achat d'aujourd'hui.

Nous raffinons/fondons la plupart des articles que nous achetons, mais payons plus pour les bijoux haut de gamme, les bijoux en diamant, les pièces de monnaie et les lingots. Rendez-nous visite pour un devis sans engagement en magasin.

Canada Gold paiera ou plus sur la base des prix d'achat d'aujourd'hui.

Nous payons plus pour les bijoux haut de gamme, les bijoux en diamant, les pièces de monnaie et les lingots. Rendez-nous visite pour un devis sans engagement en magasin.

Canada Gold sells diamonds graded by the Gemology Institute of America: the leading experts of diamond analysis and grading. Find out how much your diamond is worth here.
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