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At Canada Or, we have the utmost confidence in both our gold prices and the quality of service we provide. In fact, we’re so confident that if you receive a higher offer for your jewellery elsewhere, we guarantee to beat it.


We have the capability and the commitment to surpass any written estimates provided by our competitors. If you happen to find a price higher than ours, simply bring the written estimate to us, and we will beat it by 20% of the difference.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that many Canadian gold buyers may advertise high prices to attract customers. However, in practice, they often impose fees, commissions, or offer lower prices based on the carat to maximize their profits. Always ensure to carefully read the fine print before making any decisions.


gold prices canada

Written Offers

To sell your jewellery to us, you must provide a written offer from a reputable gold buyer in the same city, dated the same day as your visit to our store. Since gold prices fluctuate daily, offers from a week ago may no longer be valid or enforceable.

gold prices canada

Offers based on precious metal spot price values

Quotations provided should be solely based on the value of gold/silver and not include the value of gemstones. Please note that we do not purchase most gemstones. However, we are happy to remove the stones and return them to you upon request.

gold prices canada

Tested by us

Our offer is subject to our own testing and the discretion of the store manager. If the other gold buyer made an error in identifying the carat of a piece, for example, we may not beat that price.

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Canada Gold is proudly accredited through the Better Business Bureau. This shows our commitment to providing superior customer service every time you visit.

Canada Gold is proud to be an authorized DNA dealer for the Royal Canadian Mint. We are able to instantly authenticate any registered mint coins.