home test for gold - how to tell if your gold is real or fake

Home Tests For Gold – How to Tell If Gold Is Real or Fake 

Many of us have seen old movies and TV shows where a character tries to determine whether a coin is gold by biting it. While there may actually have been a time when this was a useful means of testing gold, it is probably not something that you would want to try today, whether you are in a thrift shop looking to make a purchase or checking out jewellery at home. So how do you know if gold is real or fake?

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how to calculate the value of your old gold jewellery

Math Of Gold – How To Calculate The Value Of Your Gold

Does the price of gold have you tempted to sell your unwanted jewellery? Before you part with your gold pieces, it may well benefit you to know the karat weight. But density, gold-plated jewellery, and pennyweight measurements can cause confusion, leading to improper karat rating for purity. What does all this mean, you ask? Don’t worry about frightening flashbacks of math class. We are going to answer how to figure out the pure gold content in any karat weight. 

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