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Whether it’s extracted gold teeth, crowns, bridges, implants, fillings, grindings, or sweeps, your dental gold and scrap dental gold could be valuable assets. Instead of letting them collect dust in a drawer, bring them to one of our stores for a free assessment. We’ll provide you with a quote on the spot, allowing you to turn your dental gold into instant cash.


Dental gold is seldom 100% pure gold. Although the gold content constitutes the majority of the value of dental scrap, other precious metals are often blended in to enhance strength and durability. Up to 30% of your dental gold may consist of platinum, palladium, and silver. While most gold buyers only compensate you for the gold content, offering nothing for other metals, our Quebec City store values and pays you for ALL precious metals.

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How is scrap dental gold refined?

The refining process for scrap dental gold can be complex, prompting many dentists and patients to rely on Canada Or’s highly trained staff and cutting-edge equipment for recycling their scrap gold. Our testing and measuring process, independently verified by Measurement Canada, follows these steps:

  • Weighing, characterization, and logging of the material into our system.
  • Dissolution and separation of the precious metals using advanced methods.
  • Weighing each metal in its pure form to determine its value.
  • Preparation of a detailed report for the customer, outlining the quantities of recovered precious metal and current market metal prices.
How much is my dental gold worth?

Determining the worth of your dental gold can be challenging without the appropriate equipment. Differentiating between gold and other precious metals in your scrap is essential for an accurate assessment.

To ascertain the true value of your dental gold, it’s advisable to visit a Canada Gold store. Our knowledgeable staff employs industry-standard machinery to conduct precise tests. We provide upfront payouts based on prevailing market prices for precious metals.

Do you only pay me for the gold or for the other precious metals as well?

Unlike other gold buyers, at Canada Gold, we pay you for the entire lot, including all precious metals present in your dental gold.

What is the minimum quantity you'll buy?

There is no minimum quantity required. Even if you don’t have enough material to constitute a refining lot, typically 400 grams, we can still purchase smaller amounts on the spot at our offices.

I don’t live near Canada Or. Can I still sell you my dental gold?

If you’re unable to visit our store in person, you can still sell your dental gold or dental scrap through our free and secure mail-in services. To learn more about this convenient option, click here or call us toll free at 1-888-682-5832.

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